Leslie Ann Ravel is a San Francisco–based painter. Her works are held in US-based private collections.

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Artist’s Statement: "I have always been drawn to the human form in my work. When I first began to paint, after a series of life drawing classes, the figure emerged representationally on my canvases. As I continued my practice, I grew to love the “accidents” that occurred when I depicted the body, especially in oil paint, which drips and smears and splatters seemingly of its own accord, in very rich and tactile ways—though I must confess I have probably never believed these unintended depictions to be purely chance. Such riddles of representation versus abstraction and chance versus not-chance have fascinated me ever since, and they undergird the reasons why I continue to paint. Although my works do not show the human form as we readily see it in one another, I am interested in the other associations that occur in my pieces, including a vocabulary of flesh tones or what some have noted as appearances of organs or veins. My favorite theme is that of the transcendence of the human body; while a camera, despite its many attributes, really cannot register this aspect, paint can still reveal what is otherwise not depicted, what remains invisible."

All texts and works of art are © Atelier Ravel / Leslie Ann Ravel. Photographs of works of art are © Randy Dodson.