While Waiting for the Paint to Dry ...

Because I work in layers, much of my work happens in intervals of waiting for the paint to dry, before the action takes place again. In the interims, I spend time looking at the work and thinking about the next applications. I also spend time accessing the painting in forms of other media. For example, as many of my paintings are about light and movement, last week I spent some time at the ocean, studying the wave patterns under the sun. From that afternoon, I created a small series of photographs, Studies of Sea and Light

From  Studies of Sea and Light , 2016

From Studies of Sea and Light, 2016

Also, when I am traveling and away from the studio I try to find other ways to stay connected to my work. Visiting museums is always immensely satisfying, as is creating small drawings or photograph albums. On a recent trip, I stayed in a hotel next to a river and made a small film of the water's light reflected on my room's ceiling. 

As always, these studies form some part of the paintings that emerge around them. Though it seems impossible to know the exact relationships, together I feel they form some kind of unified field with the paintings, a tapestry of sorts I am always interested to explore.